Hi, my name is Sarah.

I am married to the most perfect human being in the world. He sees me in the way that I wish I could see in myself. He believes in me, trusts me, and loves me unconditionally. He inspires me to follow my dreams, and to become anyone and anything that I want to become. Choosing to be in love is the greatest choice I ever made.

With love, there often also comes the choice to become a mother. I have always been hesitant to start the journey of motherhood, but finding a deep and abiding trust in God, I decided to start the adventure, and it has been one crazy adventure so far. I am the mother to my dearest Clair bear.

This blog is an attempt to share beauty and inspire others to do the same. Beauty through motherhood, beauty through finding faith in God, beauty through expressing fears and anxieties, beauty through sharing a raw and complete self.

I am an addict to music. Composing it, listening to it, playlisting it, and researching it. I am also a strong believer that sugar is a necessary supplement for each day.

I am a dabbler! I have a strong belief that we weren’t meant to be labeled and defined, but instead to become good at everything. I truly do believe that, therefore I dabble in just about everything. Current dabbling obsession…photography.

Trees are the prettiest. Climbing rocks is happiness.





Photo Cred: Tracy Hill


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