5 Newborn Essentials

The first couple of months can be extremely overwhelming for a new mom. I can’t believe that I have been Clair’s mommy for almost 3 months! I didn’t think I could survive one month, honestly. But there have been some items that have been very essential in helping me to get through these first couple of months. Most of these items are affordable too, which makes the purchase even sweeter.

1. Pacifier Clips

13122953_10154021304745435_8024530467902021693_o (1)


When Clair was born we weren’t so sure if we wanted to go the whole pacifier route. After a couple of days we realized fast how big of a life saver the pacifier is and we are diehard fans of it. However, there was one morning when I literally thought I was going insane! I had put Clair down for a nap and walked away. Next second she was crying. I came back. The paci was GONE. I looked everywhere and lifted up everything and I couldn’t find it. It was only then that I started to believe in magic because that thing literally disappeared out of thin air. I was frantic because it was the paci that Clair loved, and my frustration soon turned into tears. It was an awful experience people. Long story short, I found the pacifier UNDER THE FREAKING CRIB. Ok?? I have no idea how that happened. For this reason, I feel like pacifier clips are ESSENTIAL. Check out Madelines Box  or Ryan & Rose Co for some adorable clip options. 

2. The DockATot


This item will be the most pricey item on the list, but I cannot say enough about these magical beds. Whilst pregnant, I saw a lot of talk about DockATots every single day on Instagram. My husband and I live in a one bedroom apartment right now and have a tiny little nook in our living room that we converted into Clair’s space. However, thinking ahead, I realized that we wouldn’t be able to watch TV without interrupting her naps since the crib is basically in the living room. I wanted Clair to have a safe bed to sleep in while taking naps. Our bedroom isn’t super big either so I wasn’t sure that a bassinet would fit comfortably in our bedroom. The DockATot solves all of those problems, and more! Seriously. We decided to invest in a DockATot and it is one of those purchases that I haven’t once looked back and wondered, “did I really need to waste money on that?” It has been a complete lifesaver! When Clair was a newborn we would place the DockATot on top of the dresser in our bedroom and she slept there for the first weeks of her life. When we visited my parents house we would take the Dock with us and she had her bed where she could nap pretty much anywhere. Clair is now 11 weeks old and she still sleeps in her Dock all of the time. During her nap times I will put her in my bedroom in her Dock. When she goes down for the night we let her fall asleep in the Dock in our bedroom and then are able to move her to the crib easily when we are ready to go to bed. You guys it is super convenient and an investment! I will use it for all of my babes. 

3. Swaddles & Bibs


Ah, the lovely game of finding the perfect swaddle. Believe me, I have tried all different types of material and brands trying to find the best. I personally was looking for a material that was stretchy, breathable, soft, and a material that would keep Clair swaddled through the night. I just found that with some swaddle materials she would easily escape, thus making the swaddle pointless.

The good news is that I have found the perfect swaddle. Copper Pearl swaddles have hands-down been the best swaddles, meeting all of the wanted criteria. They are super big, super stretchy, incredibly soft and the best part is that Clair can’t get out of them! I have seen a difference in the nights that Clair is swaddled with them, and when she isn’t. She sleeps a lot better because she isn’t waking herself up with her reflexes. I highly, highly recommend these swaddles. 

IMG_0218IMG_0225 (1)

Copper Pearl also sells  Baby Bandana Drool Bibs that are adorable and super soft. They come in packs of 4 and have different themed colors and patterns in the packs. I love them because they look cute over the outfit, almost as if they go with the outfit. They are also extremely absorbable, it takes a lot of spit up to get them completely soaked. I don’t have to worry about her ruining her outfit anymore after a feeding. I’ll just slip a bib on her, let her do her business, then take it off and her outfit is safe and sound.


4. Nursing Covers



It’s no news that new mommies nurse around the clock. It makes it easy to do so when you are literally home all day, every day. But what happens when you want to go out to visit friends or family? Let me tell you, it gets really old having to go in a separate room and be secluded from everyone. Nursing covers, particularly from Covered Goods and Copper Pearl are a dream come true! They have full coverage so you are trying to hold up a blanket, among other things. They are also super soft and breathable so baby isn’t suffocating or dying of heat while nursing. They double for a cute car seat cover too. 

5. Binxy Baby 


Once I was finally to a point where I wasn’t being brought food anymore and felt well enough to go to the store, I had very interesting experience. I went to Smiths and obviously wasn’t going to take Clair out and hold her while shopping, so the only other option was to take her car seat in with me. When grabbing a cart with a carseat holder in it, I realized how extremely awkward it actually is to push those things around. First of all, it makes the carseat really high and RIGHT in your face so you literally can’t see anything while you are pushing. You have to keep looking around it and to the sides of it. It is absolutely ridiculous. Secondly, I felt like an idiot trying to figure out how to even get the carseat in the holder. People just stare, it is such a joke! I wanted to be like, “hello, can anyone help me figure this stupid crap out??” haha. So after that experience I never wanted to go shopping again. Of course, I had to, and I decided to put her carseat inside a normal cart, but that left zero room for groceries. Long story short, I discovered the Binxy Baby. It’s basically a shopping cart hammock for the babies to lay in while you shop. It is totally safe, comfortable, and leaves a lot of room for groceries or other kids. I have absolutely LOVED having it. It has made shopping much, much easier for me and I love being able to stare at her while we shop. They are super affordable too, and worth every penny. 


Photo Credit:


Sarah, http://www.toadventureblog.com/


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